Top 15 Photography tips You must try

1. Introduction

Camera is one of the important part of smartphone. Every users should know about this, about his function and features also. Before photography you have to know about AI camera, pro-mode ,ISO,aperture,better low light photos,use of histogram,HDR mode,focus peaking etc. How to take photos in many ways. How to crop and edit, how to take sharp photos,about exposure etc. In which way, we take photos so that the picture will be clear,sharp and clean. Exposure is important when we take photos. For specific photography like group photos, native resolution is important.

2. Basic camera tip for everyone

Firstly make sure to clean the camera lens.

3. Exposure

Exposure is important whether it’s under. If you click a photo on a smartphone and touch on a subject, the phone automatically adjust the exposure. You can check on the screen. So we just have to keep an eye on our subjects exposure. Because it wouldn’t make sense if exposure is not right.

4. How to take sharp photos?

It is different on a camera compared to a smartphone. If I have to keep you in focus and there’s another subject on screen. That is grabbing all the focus. Then I have to tap and hold, then the focus gets locked as primary subject. Basically you have to long press on a subject during smartphone photography to focus lock.

5. Read till the end

For specific photography like nature, landscape, group photos etc. there is an important features called high resolution or native resolution where you can click a picture.

6. Native Resolution

Basically, click a bigger picture in the original resolution and then zoom and crop that part you want. So native resolution there are multiple advantage of clicking photos on native resolution. For example, when we click macro photos on the dedicated 2MP sensor you don’t get the desired details and quality. But we can click on native and then zoom it in. There is another advantage for example. 48MP/64MP/108MP.
When there are more people or things in a frame you need more details. Normally, by default the pictures are clicked 12MP . You can click it on native resolution.

7. How to use AI camera?

If you are unsure of how the photos must be clicked just keep the AI mode on. In this process, if you clicking pictures, or AI mode on, it detects the scene and acts accordingly to get the best shot. Nowadays, you can get AI almost in all phones.

8. How to use Pro-mode in smartphone camera?

It is not that difficult. First you have to understand ISO, Aperture. You can even learn Pro-mode for some serious mobile photography.

9. How to edit photos on smartphone?

You will have to do some editing and I’d like to mention lightroom here. You get a lot of lightroom presents. Install them and get different effects. Once you apply the presets, those picture will be social media worthy. We don’t use lightroom as we think. It is complex but it isn’t.

10. How to better low light photos?

While clicking a low light photo, just remember not to keep the phone in your hands,Stay it in still surface.
Light photos is applicable for night photography. For night photography in low light, it is very important to keep the phone stable in order to click night photos. Because low camera shutter needs to capture the details. So try to keep the phone on a tripod or on a stable surface.

11. Pro Tip

Now smartphone manufactures have come up with a software solution for night mode which are implemented differently in different smartphones. They basically stack us various photos and then they brighten up at low shadows and vice versa. That happens due to algorithm on night mode.
Whenever you click a night photo from a tripod, then use the camera timer to capture the photo. Because when you click , the phone tends to shake unknowingly. So put on a small timer and then click the picture. Now that is a pro-tip.

12. HDR mode

You can keep it on auto always. Because it is very difficult to manual as there are different scenarios. So let the smartphone camera decide what need to be done.

13. How to use Histogram in camera?

If you are clicking photo, then keep the histogram feature on. The histogram graph need to be on top at the center which means it’s right. If the sides are peak then that might be wrong. So you will know how to overall photo is.

14. How to use focus peaking in camera?

You can click creative photographs by focusing on the different aspects of the scene. And try to keep focus peaking when you are clicking a photo. It highlights the subjects.

15. Bonus

When we click photos, they are multiple shots. Many times we try to take a video and the footage is grainy and bad. It happens due to the default 60 FPS frame rate. You can lower the frame rate to 30/24 FPS and you will see the images come out bright. At 60 FPS, the light captured is low for every frame and they are dark.

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