How To Boost Your Brain Power ?

Brain is a part of the organ inside the head that controls all body function of the human being. It controls thought, memory, touch, emotions, breathing and every function that regulates our body. Brain is made up of billions of nerve cells and protected by cranium from injury. Brain sends and receives chemicals and electrical signals throughout the body.

Exercising the brain to improve memory,focus is a top priority for many people, especially older. There are many things that you can do keep your brain in shape or boost such as, doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, playing cards, jigsaw puzzle. So incorporate different activities to increase the effectiveness. The following tips are easy ways to keep your brain healthy and functioning well.

1. Try puzzle(have fun with jigsaw puzzle)

Brain can get just as good of a workout through reading or challenging yourself with puzzles. Jigsaw puzzle recruits multiple cognitive abilities and is a effective factors. When putting together a different pieces images and joining they within the large figure (image like-mickey mouse, Eiffel tower) in jigsaw puzzle, that can be a great way to challenge and exercise your brain. Puzzle is an excellent way to boost our memory power.

2. Use your senses

Using you senses helps strengthen to your brain. To give your brain workout try doing activities those are engage all five your senses simultaneously. Just like cooking, visiting a farmer market and make a dish while you focus on smelling, touching, seeing, tasting and hearing all at the same time.

3. Teach a skill

One of the best and easy way to boost your creativity memory power is teach a new skill. After you learn a new skill, you have need to try practice it, keep discussion with someone else , explain the concept and correct the mistakes and later you understand the topic what you get mistakes. That new teaching skills should improves you brain.

4. Meditate

You can also try meditation to boost your brain. Meditate 10-20 minutes each day, it can help to alleviate stress. There are many methods of meditation like ,breathing exercises, yoga or spiritual exercise like prayer. Meditating decrease stress and increase inner peace and improve brain power. Meditation are not just that the brain is growing, but that the brain is learning how to repair itself organically.

5. Eat a healthy diet

Diet plays a large role in your brain health. Mediterranean diet which emphasizes plant based food,lots of fruits,whole grains, fish, healthy fats like olive oil, green vegetables(such as broccoli ,spinach , tomatoes,some berries),eggs.Minimizing junk foods and fatty meats ,that is critical for your brains health.All we know that omega fatty acids found in extra virgin olive oil and healthy fats are vital for cells to function correctly. The Mediterranean diet, DASH diet and MIND diet have all shown a positive impact for healthy brain functioning.

6. Get adequate quality sleep

Sleep plays important role in your brain health. Sleep gives your brain the time to consolidate and store your memories effectively. Over time sleep is harmful to our brains health and less sleep is also harmful to our brain health. Poor sleep is one of the biggest causes of reduced concentration and memory functioning. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep nightly to function at optimal brain levels benefit.Try to need consecutive hours of sleep per night about 3-4 hours.

7. Exercise regularly

High intensity and moderate intensity aerobic exercise are good for your brain. Don’t need much exercise ,only 20-30 minutes exercise you can do. Walking, cycling or swimming is a needy exercise for your brain and body also. Exercise improves your moods, reduces your stress and makes you more mentally alert. Generally recommend that you engage in a variety of exercises including aerobic,strength training and stretching.Exercise literally helps to boost up your brain and helps to create new neural pathways.

8. Build vocabulary

Vocabulary is a way to making you sound smart. Vocabulary involves many more regions particularly in areas. Areas are important for visual and auditory processing.To test Vocabulary build theory try these (keep a notebook with you when you read, write down one unfamiliar word then look up the definition or try to use that word five times the next days) cognitive boosting activities.

9. Play cards

Mentally stimulating activities for adult, play a quick card games that can lead to greater brain volume. A game of cards could improve memory and thinking skills. Try this card games-solitaire, bridge, gin rummy, poker, hearts, crazy eights.

10. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill can help to improve your brain power. For example we would like to know about how to ride a car, how to built a building, how to make plantation at home, how to use a particular software program or make something new dish. You now have one more good reason to learn that new skill.

Finally don’t watch too much television, as that is a passive activity and does little to stimulate your brain.

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