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Converter App
Multifunctional Converter Toolbox: QR, SVG, Users, Units, Text & Colors!
Access a suite of converters: QR codes, PNG to SVG, random user data, unit conversion, height to inches, pixels to SVG, SVG to data URI, image to text, and hex RGB to HSL.
Calculator App
PowerCalc: All-in-One Calculators & Converters Suite
Unlock the power of calculations with our versatile suite featuring age, loan, love calculators, and more. Simplify your life with precision.
Other App
The Duplicate Word Finder's Race Against Time in the Solar System: A Stopwatch Adventure!
Embark on an epic journey through the solar system as the Duplicate Word Finder races against time, armed with an irregular shape creator and SVG encoder! 🚀⏱️
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