Top 10 Upcoming WhatsApp Features In 2022 Avatars, Audio Status & More

Whatsapp is seriously doing some good work, I must say. I used to ask why WhatsApp is so basic. Now, it seems like it’s becoming a bit complex. Not a complex bot it is introducing so many new features. In fact, in this video, I will tell you about some 10/11 features coming in different stages. Some will be rolled out very soon and some have already been rolled out. These features might have come on Beta first but those who do not have Beta, wouldn’t have gotten them till now. They will come in the next few days. Alright, the first feature will be liked by everyone.

– Avatars are coming.

You know that the iPhone has a Memoji that you can personalize. Just like that but without the animation, you can customize the avatar according to your face. And send some customized emojis to other people. It will be amazing. I am telling you it will be a popular feature.

By the way, you could only react to a message and not to status till now. Now with this new feature, you can. Yes, you will be able to react to statuses. Till now you only saw the status and had thought but could not say. Now you can do that soon. If you do not like to see a lot but like to listen. A new feature is coming for that. Now you can set the audio message as your status. Now the audio status will be available.

By the way, what do think about the audio statuses? I am not sure how many people are going to go and listen. I do not think many people will listen but yes, the audio status is coming. One feature that I think will make the group administrators happy. Now you can delete a message of a group member. Until now it was not possible. Now you as a group admin, can go and delete the message. If anybody posts indecent messages, delete them. You can keep your group nice and sanitized from now on.

By the way, there is another group feature. In big groups, there arises a question, who has left the group, and who has not? Now guys you can see the history of which group member has left the group in the last 60 days. It means there is a historical record of the last 60 days and I think it is a good and very important feature. One feature about which I even told you on news and this is also important. Leaving the group silently. Yes, many times it happens that you leave the group and there it is written that this member has left the group. And that does not look good. We do not want to make anyone sad so we do not leave and go on reading the message even though you mute it.

But now you can silently leave the group. If you want to be free from that Good Morning message from your family members then leave the group silently. Do it. One more important feature is coming for your privacy. A few months ago, there was a View Once feature launched where you view the message, and then it will disappear. But people said that if you take a screenshot then what’s the use of View Once? Now they are blocking the screenshot. Very Soon the feature is coming where people won’t be able to screenshot your VIEW ONCE message.

Finally a Companion App. If you use Whatsapp on different devices then you know the problems you face. Ask me. There the tablet computer and mobile phones. But now due to the Companion App on tablets on phones and even the computer Whatsapp will work seamlessly. There is WhatsApp web on your phone and even on your tablets. It will sync on all three immediately. So you can join on different devices with one account. So the companion app is coming and that’s very nice. And one roll-out is still going on and that is also an important feature due to which, I think the video calling feature will increase. Now you will be able to share the link to the video call.

If it is a group call then you will be able to share the link. Earlier you had to go in the group and then share and only then people could join. Now you can share the link via email, or message just like the normal Zoom meeting/Google Meet. Something like that. The people can connect using that link. And the number of participants is also increasing from 8 to 32 to I think 64 or 128. Guys you can even keep this video as a status on Whatsapp. Go down there is a SHARE button beside the like and dislike buttons. You can share it on Whatsapp status using that. It will be good. Let’s see how many of you guys keep that status.

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