Top 10 best tiles company in India

Top 10 best tiles company in India

There are many kind of options to choose the right tile in the market. It becomes a big challenge to pick the right tile to install in the right space. The most popular tile brands in Indian markets are as below:

1. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

India’s No1 and world’s 8th largest tile company. This company was founded in 2004 and its head office is situated in New Delhi. Among the thousands of companies Prevailing in the Indian market .The company has won the tag of “Asia’s most promising brand” award in the premium tiles category. Today Kajaria makes it happen being a super brand 12 times in a row. An area where we amplified possibilities by increasing capacities. 360 degrees from a 1 million square meter per annum from a single unit to a whopping 70.4million square meters of tiles from eight manufacturing facilities spread across the western South and northern regions of India. With all its plants strategically located across the chandrabad in utter pradesh, galpur.

2. Somany Ceramics Ltd.

This company was founded in 1968 and its head office is in New Delhi. The company exports its products to several countries Europe, Asia, the middle East and Africa. The company offers you the finest quality with beautiful designs at a very low price in the market.

3. Asian Granito India Ltd.

One of India’s leading ceramic, vitrified tiles manufacturers of India. As far as the quality of the tile is concerned, the company is serving one of the best durable tiles in the Indian market. This company was founded in 1995 and its head office is in Gujarat. Being a pioneer and bringing the latest technology, the company has pinned high standards. AGL has introduced as Eco friendly tiles that cool down the indoor temperature below terrace area. As the name suggest it is eco-friendly because the reflecting one surface is the reflecting heat resistant and reduces the temperature by 4-5 degree which reduce your electricity wall for cooling. It is antibacterial which keeps the bacteria away.

4. Bajaj Tiles

Bajaj company is the most reputed company in India. This company was founded in 1990 and its head office is in Ahmedabad. The company has created high benchmarks in various categories of products whether it is electronics, automobiles, sanitaryware and floor tile. Bajaj tiles aims to provides consumers with fashionable and user-friendly innovations that fulfil their growing materialistic, resulting in the assimilation of the exterior and internal souls of the people.

5. Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.

This tiles company was founded in 1998 and its head office is situated in Ahmedabad. The company is a pioneer in using natural gas to provide additional sheen on the products. It is one of the best manufacturers of sanitary ware, faucets, tiles and allied products. The company’s main product lines are sanitaryware faucets ware and bathware. After successful implementation of 3D printing and robotic glazing technologies the company has added high pressure casting system.

6. Nitco Ltd.

The NITCO group consists of NITCO wall and floor tiles, NITCO marble and NITCO art. Our prime vision is to continuously improve the quality and design of products and to constantly increase customer focus. This company was founded in 1953 and the head office is located in Mumbai. With more than 60 years of design, tech and innovation expertise, NITCO tiles and marble is a trusted name in the manufacture industry.

7. Orient Bell Ltd.

The company was founded in 1997 and its head office is situated in New Delhi. The company uses state of the art technology in producing wall tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles and elevation tiles. Orient Bell Ltd. has always relied on continuous growth, whether as a corporation, to set new objectives and visions when old ones have been achieved, or to explore new area to improve their products. They have never stopped at the conventional limitation.

8. Rak ceramics India Pvt. Ltd.

This is one of the largest ceramics brands in the world. This company was founded in 1989.RAK ceramics specializes in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles, sanitaryware kitchen sinks, including faucets for wall, floors, bathrooms and kitchens. RAK ceramic operates plants in Bangladesh, Iran and India. RAK ceramic is a publicly listed company on Abu Dhabi.

9. Simpolo Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.

Simpolo tiles have managed to innovate with the changing needs of the consumers and provides them with one of the best ceramic and vitrified tiles. This company was founded in 1977 and its head office is in Gujarat. Each home adorned with Simpolo is unique and ultra-attractive with its own way.

10. Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd.

This company was established in the year 1994 and its head office is in Gujarat. Manufactured using high quality raw materials, procured from esteemed vendors. Varmora Granito is a leading tile, bathware and sanitaryware manufacturing brand. And it offers a wide range of wall and floor tiles, slabs, faucets, kitchen sinks etc.

11. HR Johnson Tiles

This company was founded in 1958 and its head office is in Mumbai. The company uses the best grade of raw material, which gives a delightful and everlasting experience. They are among best tile brand in India. HR Johnson has added various product categories to offer complete solutions to it’s consumers. HR Johnson has a capacity of over 68mn.sq mtr per annum spanning across 13 manufacturing plants across the country which is one of the largest manufacturing capacities in India.


Each of the brands has a plethora of options in different categories. The price for the various types of floor tiles varies based on the quality and finishing.

– Ceramic tiles are the best tiles for room flooring. They are value for money tiles and start from INR 25 per square feet. The prices can go up to INR 180 per square feet. They are low maintenance and are easy to clean.
– Porcelain tiles are not as cheap as ceramic tiles but still are cheaper. They come in as standard printed designs. The price ranges between INR 25 and INR 475 per square feet.
– Vitrified tiles are marginally more expensive than both the ceramic and porcelain tiles. Their price ranges from INR 45 to INR 180 per square feet.
– Terrazzo tiles, also called Mosaic tiles, are cheaper than ceramic tiles. The starting prices are INR 7 per square feet. However, these tiles need regular maintenance.
– Cement tiles cost around INR 30 per square feet. They come with exquisitely handcrafted patterns. They are more expensive than single toned ones.

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