How To Install WordPress for Beginners ?

Installing wordpress in cpanel is a easy process but it can occasionally become irritating..

I will tell you very simple process to install wordpress.


Step 1. Log in to your hosting

Step 2. Go to cpanel

Step 3. There you will see lots of options. Where one option you will see softaculous installer apps or maybe it will like wordpress. Just see the all options you will get these easily.

Step 4. Click on wordpress.

Step 5. Now a form will open where you have to fill your domain name, website title, description, username password, email all these things and click to install. Your wordpress will be install in few seconds and you will get two links 1- for your website link and 2- your wordpress dashboard lnk.


Step 1. Go to the cpanel

Step 2. Open file manager

Step 3. Upload the wordpress file there

Step 4. Unzip it

Step 5. Add database username and password

Step 6. Save that username password in notepad as it will be in use in future

Step 7. Then there you can install the wordpress and fill the necessary required and click on next till it is installed

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