A Beginner’s Guide to T-Shirt Printing

A Beginner’s Guide to T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing has developed into a popular form of self-expression in today’s society, with many creative elements including slogans, images, and artwork on exhibit. T-shirts are a basic, affordable, elastic clothing item that is largely preferred in modern culture. Major firms have employed printed T-shirts as a typical method of marketing to draw in customers throughout the past few decades. When a high-quality product, like a T-shirt, is your goal, the conversion of an idea of a design to the actual cloth material necessitates a lot of planning and execution efforts.

Here are some techniques for printing T-shirts.


Screen printing is the most typical type of commercial T-shirt printing. With this technique, a design is divided into various hues. Mesh screens are used to apply water-based inks and plastisol, which deposit the ink where it is needed. This technique makes advantage of the precise colours required for the design. For process printing, light-colored shirts work well. Plastisol offers the highest-quality ink, which is more resilient and flexible than water-based inks. It is frequently used because it can print on a variety of colours without requiring a change in design level.


Hundreds of years ago, the Asian and African subcontinents gave birth to this type of printing. Bandhani is one of the well-known variations of this in India, and shibori is well-known in Japan. It became well-known in the US during the hippie period. The colour can easily be ruined when dyes are washed in warm water, which is a drawback.


Using specialised software, it is a polyurethane substance that enables designers to produce distinctive designs. A specialised vinyl cutter is used to cut the design after it has been created. The rolls and sheets come in a variety of colours. After that, weeding is done to obtain the desired design by picking out and removing any areas that do not match the design. The finished product has crisp, highly contrasted edges and is tactilely smooth.


Full-color digital printing is used to print the design directly into the fabric, and polyester-based t-shirts are typically favoured for this method. With the aid of specialised printers, this relatively newer technique allows for the use of a limitless number of colours, as opposed to screen printing, which calls for different screens for each colour.
Though colour fading is negligible and the print has greater vitality than most ordinary printers, synthetic textiles must be chosen instead. The best aspect of this is that the pattern is permanently dyed into the fabric rather than printed on top, guaranteeing a permanent print with no danger of fading.


Well, the general public’s increased demand for personalised items has led to an increase in demand for this field over the past few years. There are numerous big and little participants in this market as a result of this. However, those that are able to be suggested and are typically favoured by the general public include:

1. ShirtCotton – It is a reputable online retailer of blank apparel that offers prices as low as $2 for wholesale items. This brand should be used if you want to buy clothing in large quantities because they have stores all across the US. On purchases above $99, shipping is also free.

2. BellaCanvas – It is a wholesale and retail blank T-shirt brand that sells USA-made goods that are best suited for custom printing. For all categories, it has fleece, polo shirts, and hoodies in its collection. Heavy duty, effective automated equipment is used in its production facilities to create its high-quality material.

3. Needen – It is a fantastic website where you can find all brand-related things at the lowest prices, including coats, long sleeve shirts, purses, and more. Only for purchases over 149 dollars is shipping free.

4. Wordans – It is one of the textile wholesalers in the blank clothes market that is expanding the quickest, and its products are the greatest for customising for any customer, whether they are a large corporation, a printing business, or just a regular consumer.
Additionally, it offers one of the top customer services.

5. Cotton Connection – With prices starting at just $1, it is a one-stop shop for all of your hosiery and apparel requirements. Their products are ideally suited for screen printers, distributors, and promotional product businesses.

6. Apparel N Bags – It is among the biggest wholesale suppliers of blank clothing, hats, bags, and promotional items ideal for the printing industry. Houston, Texas, is where it first started. Orders over 149 dollars are eligible for free shipping.

7. Royal Apparel – It is a garment manufacturer with headquarters in New York that provides both small and large businesses with a variety of apparel styles. You can trust this business to deliver high-quality goods. Orders above $250 qualify for free delivery.

8. ePacific Sports – With the majority of its fabric produced in the USA, it was established in 1992 and has grown to be one of the biggest suppliers of T-shirts. It provides the greatest colour and shrinkage management capabilities for cotton and cotton-blend clothes.

9. Gildan – A Canadian company called Gildan produces branded clothes, including blank t-shirts, sports shirts, and fleeces that may be embellished with graphics and logos via screen printing.

10. Fruit of the loom – It is an American firm that produces clothes, fleece, printable T-shirts, and activewear for the women’s, children’s, and activewear markets. One of the most well-known brands is offered online at places like Amazon. Usually, it produces clothing made of only cotton.

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